We believe in design that puts life at its center.


We specialize in Visual Identity Systems and Ethical Branding.

We design and manage Brand communication, keeping in mind every detail and the story it can tell. In order to achieve a coherent and transformative narrative, we provide support and guidance during the entire definition and construction process.


Design for Future

Determined to use design as a positive force for a world in transformation, we give voice to brands; clarity, form, reality and projection.


At the center of every brand it its purpose and identity. Hitting the mark in its definition and expression will condition its future.



We believe that design transcends far beyond mere aesthetic value. We understand it as an integral tool that helps –from the beginning– to launch businesses, brands and projects to another level. It is a powerful tool for ordering, localizing, articulating and transmitting ideas towards achievable goals and inspirational paths.

What we do

We work in definition, communication and marketing, including strategy, storytelling, identity systems, campaigns, art direction, corporate audiovisuals and videos, editorial project design and production, packaging, websites, presentations, digital experiences and exhibitions and installations.

We collaborate for associations and small companies, taking on projects that combine culture, our love for nature and our belief in humanity to promote society and business equally.


Selected Works:

Societat Nova Geogràfica de Catalunya

Strategy + Creation. Communication, Visual Identity System, Editorial Design and Website.



Design is the search for solutions.

A profound knowledge of the subject serves as our guide. We listen, watch, observe, detect, discover, investigate, understand, delimit and resolve. With strategic design methods and creativity, we make ideas move and advance towards a new level.



We are Muesli, a Communication Design Studio commited to sustainability and conscious consumption based in Barcelona and Munich. 


Muesli is the collaborative summation and interaction of Communication, Strategy and Creative professionals. The personal inquisitiveness and ability of each individual is accompanied by their talent as a team.


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